Tuesday, July 5

Go On, Brush My Shoulders Off

(that's two hip-hop themed blog post titles in one week. go me!)

I hope each of you had a safe and happy and star-spangled Fourth of July yesterday. I'll have to steal some pictures from someone who had a camera, and post some celebratory evidence later.

For now, I'm all over the internet again. It's like I'm viral (which, doesn't sound nearly as cool as I thought it would).

I wrote a post over at And Nobody Told Me.
It's about the phenomenon in motherhood known as the dreaded Dirty Shoulder.
And it went up yesterday, but I was in panic mode most of the day because all three of my children were running around with sparklers in their hands and I totally didn't realize that "it'll post on Monday" meant "which is a national holiday and nobody will be reading blogs, not even you, so you'll have to remind folks about it on Tuesday when they're all back at work and grumbly."

Our President: he's patriotic, he's a parent, and he's way cool. 

So. Go read.


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