Wednesday, August 31

The No Fast Food Challenge That Might Make Me Bonkers

I have been arguing with myself for a few weeks now. I've managed, so far, to keep the discussion in my head, so as not to sound like The Crazy Lady who Fights with Herself. In any case, it's really a losing battle. Either way it goes, I'm hearing voices or talking to myself. I lose.

Finally, after much debate and a mental pros/cons list, I blurted it out to my husband a few days ago:



Also, wha???

My motivation for this possibly crazy-making plan is twofold:

Fold One: It is, generally, a better idea to eat food that is prepared in your own home. Whether it's an all-organic, gluten-free, dairy-free home-cooked meal (Holy Hyphenation, Bat-man!) or it's frozen deliciousness from a bag, so long as you don't indulge in a steady diet of Cheetos and Dr. Thunder, house-prepared food is just... better. Right? Healthier, yes. Cheaper, too.

Not fast food, but DANG that looks delicious/disgusting.

Which brings me to...
Fold Two: The Cheapness. On average, our family buys out-of-home food, I'd say, 5 times a week. (That's not a real average- I just made that number up. Some weeks we buy out-of-home food thrice, some weeks, it's more like ten times.)
Here's how my spending usually goes:
Monday: Medium Diet Coke from McDonald's. Maybe a few hashbrowns if the girls notice we're in the drive-through line.
Tuesday: Stop by my once-a-week place of employment, pick up lunch and charge it to my house account.
Wednesday: Happy Hour at Sonic after school!
Thursday: I don't feel like fixing lunch, let's just grab more McD's.
Friday: Celebratory "It's Friday" lunch at Chick-Fil-A.
Saturday night: If there's money left over from all the gorging paying bills, our family might go out to eat.
Sunday: Extended family time at Pizza Inn, courtesy of the my husband's grandmother.

That list just grossed me out. It's a fairly typical schedule. And that's not including the nights during the week when neither Jeremy nor I can handle the kids bear to make dinner, so we go for an impromptu night out.

I don't want to add up either the cost of all the gluttony or the calories consumed.

So, I'm thinking, just as an experiment in willpower, budgeting, and healthy choice-making, that I'm going to refrain from fast food joints and semi-fine dining establishments for the month of September.

*big sigh*
*huff, puff, stomp*

I know. I'm already having an internal dialogue, pre-rationalizing my imminent failure.

The only caveats? My mother-in-love and I have reservations at Chick-Fil-A one morning early in September. Reservations, y'all. For a free chicken biscuit. I can't say no to that.
Also, the weekly family gathering at Pizza Inn. Much as I'd rather bow out and spend that precious Sunday afternoon time curled up in my bed... I really like seeing my extended family on a regular basis. So I'm gonna go. And I'll probably eat some of that dadgum delicious cheesebread. But, not a lot, ok?

No popping by the restaurant for freeish food. No waiting in line for carbonated, caffeinated ambrosia. Not a single French fried potato if it isn't fried Frenchly in my own home.

This is gonna suck/rock.

What about you? Have you ever willingly/begrudgingly given up something near and dear to your arteries heart? 



  1. You can do it!! I have recently given up two things. The first is shopping for clothes. I needed to detox from fast fashion, and it's going well so far. I just have to charge right on past the clothes in Target. Secondly, we gave up eating factory-farmed meat outside our home. It was the next step to a process that began two years ago when we saw Food, Inc. and decided we couldn't NOT start eating in a way that was better for us, for workers, for animals, and for the planet. For the past 2 years, we have mostly eaten vegetarian at home, adding in fish and free-range, grass-fed, sustainably raised chicken, meat, and dairy when we can afford it. Up until now, we felt it was too difficult to "eat our values" outside our home, and are only just now getting to that step. We still make exceptions, and it's not a hard and fast change, but it was time to take that step.

  2. We are the sane way, it's waaaay too easy some days to just pull through the drive through but I have caught myself twice this week and promptly drive home. Now the one thing I have a problem quitting is you, I just don't think I can give "ya" up ;)

  3. OMG, that list made me wanna hurl! LOL

    Seriously. I used to LOVE fast food. But when I started reading about food and where it comes from, I slowed down. I never said, "I won't eat fast food." But now? It has been months. I just didn't want it anymore, after a while.

    So, good luck on your mission! :-) (I'm here from SMMs.)

  4. Since leaving the world of regular employment and a regular schedule, I have given up my 'regular Starbucks.' Ok, I've had a few here and there, but I was on a (don't tell) one a day M-F habit. Obviously not having my job I can't afford that. Also? I've lost weight. I think a little, but according to someone from a recent tweetup, a lot. So, it should be good for you. But sucky at the same time. Good luck, you can do it. Maybe keep snacks in the car to prevent the drive thru pop it?

  5. I'm so proud of you! You're going to have to make more trips to the library in order to balance it out. =)

  6. This is an experiment that my family probably should try, but I may be too chicken to every try it properly. Good luck!

  7. You'll feel better for sure.

  8. Ok, sweetie... Watch Fast Food Nation or Super Size Me... and you will stop fast food forever. You are SO MUCH BETTER than that food. Your family is worth the time and the effort and your body is worth it. We quit fast food 8 years ago and it was the BEST thing we ever did. I swear to you! If you need support you just call on me!


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