Tuesday, September 6

Newbery Medal Reading Challenge

It seems I'm all about challenges lately.

The Boy and I have taken on a new reading challenge. Really, I just said to him, "Hey, I have this idea," and he said, "sounds good, Ma."

We are going to read at least one Newbery Medal Winner or Honor book from each year since the award's inception in 1922.
Together, we've already read a few medal winners: 
The Tale of Desperaux 
Mr. Popper's Penguins
The Invention of Hugo Cabret

I was excited to learn that several of my most favorite books when I was younger were all Newbery Medal winners. Proves, once again, that I've got great taste. 

The Boy and I spend an hour last night jumping from web page to web page, in a very methodical- and yet easy peasy- fashion. 

We'd start here, with a list of all the winners and books of honor. 
Then, we'd hop over to GoodReads.com to check out the book(s) we picked. If we both liked the synopsis, we'd add it to The Boy's TBR list.
Next, we checked our local library's database and, if we were lucky and they have copies of the books we wanted, we'd request them online. 

Et voilà.
There we have it. 

We only made it up the list to 1950, because it was bedtime. So far his Good Reads shelf has 51 books read, and 84 to-read. He reads an average of 3 chapter books a week, a fact of which I am purty jealous. 

I will chronicle each of books we read here, and I'll try to convince him to let me interview him on his thoughts about each book. Better than writing a book report, right?

We'll start the challenge as soon as the library emails me to say they have our books ready. Right now he's reading The Mayflower Adventure, and he has Fantastic Mr. Fox and Sideways Stories from Wayside School lined up next. 

I imagine we'll be at this challenge for a while, and at any time during our progress, I'd love if y'all would give us book recommendations, even if they aren't award winners. Our only requirement? Awesomeness.

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  1. Yes, Sideways Stories! I have the whole collection here at the house! I grew up on those silly and zany stories. Love 'em.

    Can I recommend my favorite book of all time, The Kid in the Red Jacket by Barbara Park?


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