Tuesday, October 11

Beautiful Fall

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It's fall, y'all!
(I love how that particular, pervasive Southernism is co-opted in the autumn, all for the sake of a few cute yard signs.)
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I am a BIG fan of fall. I am NOT a big fan of seasonal extremes- you can keep your hunnerd-and-ten-degree July and your 22-degree January, thank you very much (I'm talking to you, Arkansas). In fact, you can keep your pollony, fake-Easter-egg-basket-grass springtime, too.
I live for fall. 

photo credit: my sweet friend Becke'

Cooler weather.
Warmer drinks.
Football games.
Heavy, carb-loaded meals.
Crunchy leaves.
Cinnamon smells.
New makeup.

Wait... what?

I don't generally spend a lot of time on my beauty routine, unless it's for A Big Event. I have friends who do not venture out to their mailbox without their full face on. Me? I'm lucky to take a shower before 2pm most days. But one thing I really love is the chance to buy new makeup for the fall new season.

While the temperature cools down, wardrobe and makeup colors warm up.

photo credit etsy
The names of autumn makeup are kinda gross: rust, olive, khaki, kelp, taupe (I really hate taupe), poop... you get the idea... the colors themselves are rich and bold and deep and subtle, all at once.
photo credit: talented Becke' again!

I have so much fun playing around with new eyeshadows and liners. I'm big into lipstick or blush, but I do love a good non-pink matte lip color. I am a classic Summer when it comes to facial color analysis. (Need a more in-depth makeup analysis? Read Amy's Southern Girl Academy post!) Which means I look best (and feel most comfortable in) a stunning array of colors from plum to charcoal. Drab? Never. Muted? Most of the time. Navy or chocolate? Nearly every day. Yellows? Not. on. my. life.

The foundation of my daily beauty routine is Clinique. My favorite mascara comes from Lancome. But for all other intents and palatte purposes? I'm a drugstore kinda girl. I can't justify spending $25 dollars on one compact of eyeshadow, but for $4? You bet your pencil-skirt bottom.

Fall is a great time to try new colors- the bright spotlight of summer has faded, and clothes tend to be thicker and more cover-you-up-ish.... so what better way to highlight some of your best features than to play them up with autumn's gorgeous hues?

Do you have a Fall beauty regimen, or do you wear the same colors year 'round?
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  1. I tend to reflect the fall colors as well. Not so much pink in the blush; more peachy gold. Lotsa beige for eyshadow...you're my eye guru. My clothes change to earth tones.

  2. I have a fall regimen. I always long to dye my hair a darker red...I switch to bolder, more coppery lipsticks (at times) I warm up eyeshadow with coppers and depper golds. I do more dramatic liner in the cold months..because frankly I won't sweat it off!

  3. I'm a fall girl myself. Love the fall makeup too. Taupe will never be viewed the same way again!! LOL


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