Monday, October 31

Halloween Pics and a Parent-Friendly PSA

We're not big into Halloween, 'round here. We're not like, anti-Halloween, we're just not huge fans. 
But we DO love any chance to dress up. And collect candy. For no good reason, other than to eat so much we puke. 
We love that.

It's a long-standing family tradition to hit up Jeremy's sister's church's (how many more 's's could I work in?) Fall Festival each October 31st-ish. 

Grumpy Old Man
This year, I totally forgot about the dressing-up part of Halloween. I guess I was just so intent on THE CANDY part. Luckily, the kids' Nana bought costumes for the girls. The Boy? His was totally original. He got the fake glasses/nose/mustache from the treasure box at school and came home all, "Do you think I could be an old man for Halloween?" and I was all, "Sure thing! Your old man dad will help you find clothes." but secretly I was all, "You're kind of a grumpy old man half the time anyway, dear firstborn, so it would totally make sense." 
In any case- he rocked the 'stache, and the suit jacket, and my dad's old walking cane, and then Jeremy dumped half a bottle of baby powder in his hair to turn it old-man-white. At some point, the "old man" turned into an "old man/professor/scientist," which also sort of suits The Boy.
And it was awesome.

Wackadoo Pirate

The #DestructoTot Baby was a pirate. Which also totally makes sense, since she yells ARRRGGHH approximately 17 times a day, and she's a pro at looting and plundering. Daddy did her make up, complete with piratey unibrow.

Pretty Pretty Princess (and her steed)

The Girl was, naturally, a princess. All effervescence and light, pinkness and smiles.
And she got to ride a white horse, so she was totally in her princessy element.


My (brilliant and very pretty) friend Kerri has this reminder for you today:
Parent PSA: Remember this Halloween, your kids live rent-free in your house. That means as Supreme Allied Commander, you get first dibs on the good candy.

What about you? Do you do Halloween? Do you steal your kids' good candy, like any self-respecting mother does?

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  1. Totally awesome costumes that fit their personalities! I LOVE the SAC reminder!


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