Monday, November 7

Live, Love, and Leap. A LeapFrog Review

We love Leap Frog 'round here.
The Bees still play with the (now ancient) My First Leap Pad...
And the (also ancient) first Leap Pad...
And a vast array of other Leap Stuff...
Didj, My Own LeapTop, Text and Learn, and My Own StoryTime Pad
That's not even including the Alphabet Pal pull-along toy, the TWO talking Baby Tad toys, the My Day with Tad magnetic toy, and the four LeapFrog movies we have in our Netflix instant queue.

I'm telling you, we love LeapFrog products.

So when the Clever Girls Collective had an opportunity to review a new LeapFrog product, I... well... leaped on it. 

This is the new My Own Story Time LeapPad
Find it here!
This is what has to say about the Story Time Pad:
Personalized play, stories and activities on a tablet just for little learners! Children can watch fun animations and listen to stories, emails and music as they explore the world of Scout & Friends. Parents can personalize the story time pad with their child's name, favorites, customized “emails" from family and a music playlist. My Own Story Time Pad comes pre-loaded with 1 story, 1 email, and 3 songs, and holds up to 5 stories, 10 songs and 3 emails at a time.

And this is what my kids say:
It's awesome.
And here's what I say:
It is actually pretty awesome.

We personalized it for The Girl (since The Baby has the My First LeapTop personalized for her), using the LeapFrog Connect computer app we downloaded. Any of the LeapFrog interactive/personalized toys use LeapFrog Connect. I really like the Connect app because it shows the Learning Path of each kid/each game, and they're all available in one glance.

The programming of the Story Pad is very similar to the LeapTop. But, like laptops vs. tablet computers, there are some differences. The Story Pad is very light, and has stories in addition to "emails," songs, and games.

It was super easy to set up, and super super easy for the girls to figure out. The Baby was very excited to see and hear from her friends, Scout and Lilly.

The only drawbacks I can see are that the screen is a bit smaller than I'd expected, and the keyboard is ABC format, instead of QWERTY. The Text and Learn toy is QWERTY, and I wish the StoryPad was, too. However? The girls didn't care. :) They loved it.

I am certain there will be a few LeapFrog items under our Christmas tree this year, like there are every year. I love that they teach letters and numbers and technology, and the kiddos love them- flat out.

Thank you to LeapFrog for sponsoring this review. While LeapFrog provided the product to me for this review, the opinions I've expressed here are solely my own and represent my honest point of view.

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