Friday, November 11

We're Off to See the Wizard! Ticket Giveaway!

I am so excited, y'all. Dorothy and her pals are coming to town as part of UCA's Public Appearances Broadway series!

The show, at 7:30 pm on Saturday, November 19th, is already sold out. 

But I, faithful friends, have tickets. No, that's not an opium haze from the poppy field you're feeling... you read that right.

The performance is sold out but I have four tickets. For you!!

My Bees and I will be there, representin' Little Rock Family magazine and taking pictures of all the costumed show-goers before the show goes. The wonderful wizards at UCA's Reynolds Performance Hall will have a yellow brick road ready for sparkly shoes and scarecrows and lions and tinmen, oh my!
We just happen to have a Dorothy outfit in our dress-up trunk, so The Girl will be donning the iconic blue gingham dress (or, an approximate polyester variation thereof). I'm considering making The Baby go as Toto. She certainly barks enough for the part.

from UCA Reynolds facebook

Entering to win the four emerald tickets is easy. 

Just leave a comment telling me your favorite Wizard of Oz moment, or your favorite memory associated with the Wiz and Company. 

The giveaway will be open until Thursday, November 17th, when I'll announce the winners. 

*disclaimer* I get comped tickets because I'm awesome, and also because I'll be there photog-ing for Little Rock Family. The lovely folks at UCA totally agreed when I emailed them, saying, "Hey! A ticket giveaway would be super!" I received no monetary compensation for this post, so don't sic the flying monkeys on me. 


  1. My favorite part is actually the flying monkeys. My favorite memory is my momma making popcorn every year so we could watch it together.

  2. That was always one of my favorites growing up but it became much more fun to watch after I had children...our favorite has always been when the cowardly lion sings...ha.

  3. My favorite part of the movie is when it changes from black and white to color... :)

  4. Favorite parts, the lollipop guild - played that part in 6th grade. Also in the emerald city the horse of a different color. (also played one of the green people from emerald city.

  5. My all-time favorite scene in the movie is the beginning, when the witch is dead and the munchkins are rejoicing. Would love to take my little sister to see the's her favorite movie!

  6. I think my favorite part in the movie is when it goes from black and white to color....and you are just taken in by the story and really can't leave your seat until the film is over!

  7. My favorite part is the transition from black and white to color. It reminds me life and how you may see the same thing but it can be completely different with a new perspective.

  8. My favorite part growing up was ALWAYS the horse of a different color. I used to love watching it and counting how many colors he changed into. Riley's favorite part is when Toto runs away from Miss Gulch in the beginning. She always cheers when Toto jumps in Dorthy's arms.

  9. Call me evil, but surely I am not the only one who enjoys watching the bad witch melt into a puddle. Now that I know Elphaba got away safely with her man, I can definitely say I love that part without sounding too WICKED!
    Katie Turnage


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