Wednesday, December 21


Over the course of our ten-year friendship, one conversation has come up over and over between my best friend and me.

Player One: "Gah, (he is / she is / they are / that was) so weird!" 

Player Two: "You are so weird."

Player One: "I am not weird." 

Player Two: "Um. I know all your secrets. You are weird." 

Player One: ...

Player Two: ...

Player One: "You're right. I'm ridiculously weird."

Player Two: "Exactly."

Player One: "Whatever."

More often than not, I am Player One in this situation, but occasionally the BFF will admit her own oddity, too.

from pinterest

It is so good to be known. Not for what you can do, or what you can offer, or what you have learned, or where you have been, or where you are going, or what influence you have... but to be known simply for who you are...

best friend, me, best friend
circa: when we were all skinny

And how how truly weird you can be.


Tuesday, December 6

I don't like your stupid face, Pinterest.

Way back in March, I wrote a post extolling the virtues of tumblr.

Tumblr is easy. Tumblr is pretty. Tumblr is nice.

Tumblr is so great, in fact, I have two of them:

The Things I Love
#DestructoTot Strikes

And then the new It thing came along. Pinterest. What a dumb name.

I don't know exactly what I have against Pinterest, but a text from my friend Audreya might hold a clue:
And don't be all hipster "I'm going to actively try to dislike this because of how much everyone else likes it."
Whatever. Except, our whole textual conversation was just me yelling at her in all caps things like, "I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS CRAP." and "THIS IS STUPID AND DUMB." To which she replied:
"Take off your black framed glasses and stop being a hipster."
What. ever.
It's not that I'm a hipster, it's more than I'm a grumpy old lady and I don't like new things.
At first.

I mean, I didn't really even like my second kid at first. She screamed a lot.

So far, all I can tell is that Pinterest is a bunch of pictures of pretty crap and sappy inspiring words in swirly fonts and food that will make me happy chubbier and DIY crafty things I probably can't replicate, even if I fool myself into thinking I can.

Basically, it's a wonderland of a time suck.
I want to want to like Pinterest, really I do. So many of my friends across the internets have great big ooey gooey hearts for pinning.


Sorry about the all caps again.

Luckily, Audreya created a Pinterest How-To for me for the internet at large.

I'm going to read it again and try to figure it all out.

You can follow me, or look at my pins, or whatever you people do there.

Although I still think it's a bunch of crap.*

*check back in 4-6 days for a follow-up "I'm totally Pinteresting!" post, wherein I gush about the awesome-itude of Pinterest. Sigh.