Monday, January 30

Loving the treats @SweetLoveBakes

A few weeks ago, my friend Kelli invited The Bees and me to meet her brand new baby, Sweet Love bakery.
Sweet Love logo from InArkansas Weddings article

As I tend to do with all brand new, sweet smelling babies, I fell in love instantly.
cookie dough truffles

Kelli has worked on Sweet Love for such a long time, and I am so happy that she has actually done it. She went from making treats in her kitchen, to taking orders, to thinking she wanted to do it full time, to being all "I want to open a bakery. There. I said it." to buying a much-storied megamixer... painting and sanding and mixing and baking and really working her butt off to make her dream a reality.

There were lots of friends and lots of true-to-the-name sweets and lots of happy things going on at the preview.

Audreya and Berit  Probably laughing at #DestructoTot. Or smiling with mouths full of deliciousness.

Kerri's Monkey Boy eyed the buttercream and ganache-y chocolate cupcakey things. 

Amy, who loves The Baby and loves bothering The Baby, was keeping her from pouring the entire contents of the coffee/pink lemonade table onto the floor. 

Kat and her also-sweet-smelling baby Nora Kate stood by and laughed at Amy's futile efforts.

That lump of brown in the left corner? Is the best pile of brownies I've ever eaten in my life ever. 

The Boy hides from anyone who might steal his coconut bar
The Girl agrees: best. brownies. ever. ever.

I have seen (and tasted!) some incredible creations Kelli has made over the past two years. She has a natural talent, and has honed her skill. The girl is awesome. I'm not even a little jealous that she literally whips up these amazing treats when I can't even do slice-and-bake cookies properly. Ok. I'm a little jealous.

But? Now that Sweet Love is open Tuesdays through Fridays 9:00am to 5:30pm and Saturdays from 9:00am to 1:00pm (see what I did there? pertinent information, yo), I can visit practically any time I'm in Little Rock near 8210 Cantrell Road (also pertinent information).
I love this picture of Audreya and Kelli (and I extra love Kelli's awesome bakery-owner jacket. I'm sure that's not the actual word for it, but whatever). So happy. 

You can see more of Kelli's super fantastic creations on Sweet Love's facebook page, and follow the fun on the twitters at @sweetlovebakes

Also? There have been a virtual TON of write-ups, all praising Kelli's bakery, I couldn't possibly link to all of them. Google it, though. Two of my favorites are Sarabeth's and Gina's. Go see. 

Go ahead. Now. Get yourself some Sweet Love. You won't regret it, I promise.
Possibly the coolest cake in the universe. 


  1. Thanks for the post Savannah! Those are some seriously cute photos sprinkled throughout.

  2. I have to go visit! I have been hearing great things. My dream is to open a bakery...

  3. A friend of mine recently made that cake for her daughter's birthday. It came out awesome, but she didn't put the sprinkles, that would have been a great touch. Great site!

  4. Hey! So I didn't work up the courage to, like, actually start a conversation with you....but you were highly entertaining whilst I was eavesdropping. Maybe next time!

  5. BEAUTIFUL! I wanna be on my way there!!


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