Thursday, February 23

Ridiculously Easy and Delicious Cucumber Dip (and/or Spread)

I'm not a food blogger, y'all. This is a rarity. But it was so delicious, I had to share. Because I'm generous. 

One Lovely Cucumber
One Enticing Eight Ounce Package of Cream Cheese
Several Dashes of Delicious Dill Weed

1) Wash, peel, and de-seed the cucumber real good like.

My own personal cucumbers don't look like that, but I just wanted to make sure you know what a cucumber looks like. Sometimes. 
2) Mash it up nicely. I used a blender and blended the mess out of my cuke. I almost stopped there and drank the mashed cucumber, it looked like cucumber ice cream and smelled like cucumber heaven. 
3) Fold into cream cheese. (Or do what I did, and blend the whole lot. Easy. Peasy.)
4) Dash your dashes of dill weed all up in it, until you've added all the dill weed you want to add. I am a huge dill weed fan (who says this kind of crap?) so I added a lot of dashes. 
5) Chill. Chill your dip in the fridge and chill yourself on the couch.
6) Lap it up, yo. 

I slathered some Cucumber Spread onto a flour tortilla, threw on some turkey slices, and wrapped it all up. Originally, I wanted this to be filling for cutesy little tea sandwiches, but that's not how it turned out. 

How It Turned Out

Today, I dipped some crackers into the Cucumber Dip, and man oh man oh man, it was good. This Ridiculously Easy and Delicious Cucumber Dip (and/or Spread) would be good as a dip for other veggies, or a spread on little pita triangles or crackers or, ok, fine, with a spoon. 
But only that once.

I'm putting this on Pinterest as an experiment to see how many people will actually repin and click through on a picture of Ridiculously Easy and Delicious Cucumber Dip (and/or Spread) and actually read this junk.

It really is good, y'all. 

You're welcome. 


Wednesday, February 22

Wordless Wednesday: Snuggle Bunny

The Bunny, apres-bath, snuggled up in Mommy & Daddy-o's bed.


Monday, February 20

Monday Mash-up: You Should Read These Posts I Love

Today I'm starting (what will hopefully be) a weekly wrap-up of sorts (but you know how good I am about starting something and sticking with it, which is not very good at all, so we'll see).
I'm borrowing the Monday Mash-Up title from my beautiful and talented friend, Amy at Freaky Perfect.

Basically, I'll save up the best posts that land in my Google Reader throughout the week, and I'll round them up here on Mondays. I've been keeping several of this first batch for quite a while now (because you also know how I am about procrastinating, which is that I do it a lot).

Enjoy, gentle readers!

  • I like this guy, Tony Reinke. He posts short (and sometimes long) paragraphs from several theologians. I particularly like the one collected from letters written by C.S. Lewis, regarding his nephews' visit. Little Cyclones, indeed.

  • I am amazed all over again every time Matt Owen creates another minimalist movie poster. Dude has talent. (And a really cute baby girl.)

  • I bookmarked two posts from my internet friend Katy at Bird on the Street. In Quantify This, she writes about her special needs son Charlie's quality of life. Charlie is super cute, and loved beyond measure. Katy is one of my favorite bloggers, and her post about being Good Enough is proof of why, if you even needed proof. 
  • If you're not reading Alice Bradley's blog, Finslippy, you're totally missing out. (And this post on Being an Object then Not Being an Object? Killer.) I met Alice and her writing-partner-in-crime, Eden Kennedy, in New Orleans last year at Mom 2.0. I kind of fan-girled and fawned over them, but I really want them to be my cool aunts. Is there an adopt-a-niece program I don't know about yet?
  • I love love love That Cover Girl's blog, and I love love love That Cover Girl herself. Another beautiful and talented IRL friend of mine, Capillya, does what everybody tells you not to- she judges books by their covers. Sorta. Actually, she scours the Earth for good/bad/ugly YA book covers, then she writes smart things about their design, whereas I would just say "oooh, pretty" and drool a little. 
  • One more for this week, yes? Charmed Valerie is not only knock-out gorgeous, she's really sweet, too. I wish I could hate her, what with the gorgeous and the sweet, but I can't. I met Valerie at Type-A last year, and she's just an all-around fabulous girl (with two really cute little boys!). She does a lot of fashion vlogging, and I love this one she did about turning a t-shirt into an infinity scarf. Genius. 

I have a virtual heap-ton more, but I don't want to overwhelm you. So for now, check out the good stuff, and know that there is more good coming your way. 


Happy President's Day, Billy Taft. That's one heckuva 'stache. 

ps- I'm still actively hating Pinterest, but I'm also actively pinning things on Pinterest. Go see, if you must. 

Thursday, February 16

Happy Valen...tine... Whatever. It was this week, at least

So. I haven't posted since January. Lame.

In my head I've written at least 16 really insightful, witty, hilarious posts. They're still working their way down to my fingers. And then the keyboard. You know how it is.

I had a minor oral surgery last Friday, which turned out to be a major pain for me (and my sweet husband who was totally running life all weekend while I was high on pain pills). It turns out I really am a wimp when it comes to pain. Despite how I rocked childbirth. Thrice. (While high on epidurals. Whatever.)

But. I'm back now, internet. Even if I look like this:
yes. I found it on Pinterest. Shut up.