Thursday, February 23

Ridiculously Easy and Delicious Cucumber Dip (and/or Spread)

I'm not a food blogger, y'all. This is a rarity. But it was so delicious, I had to share. Because I'm generous. 

One Lovely Cucumber
One Enticing Eight Ounce Package of Cream Cheese
Several Dashes of Delicious Dill Weed

1) Wash, peel, and de-seed the cucumber real good like.

My own personal cucumbers don't look like that, but I just wanted to make sure you know what a cucumber looks like. Sometimes. 
2) Mash it up nicely. I used a blender and blended the mess out of my cuke. I almost stopped there and drank the mashed cucumber, it looked like cucumber ice cream and smelled like cucumber heaven. 
3) Fold into cream cheese. (Or do what I did, and blend the whole lot. Easy. Peasy.)
4) Dash your dashes of dill weed all up in it, until you've added all the dill weed you want to add. I am a huge dill weed fan (who says this kind of crap?) so I added a lot of dashes. 
5) Chill. Chill your dip in the fridge and chill yourself on the couch.
6) Lap it up, yo. 

I slathered some Cucumber Spread onto a flour tortilla, threw on some turkey slices, and wrapped it all up. Originally, I wanted this to be filling for cutesy little tea sandwiches, but that's not how it turned out. 

How It Turned Out

Today, I dipped some crackers into the Cucumber Dip, and man oh man oh man, it was good. This Ridiculously Easy and Delicious Cucumber Dip (and/or Spread) would be good as a dip for other veggies, or a spread on little pita triangles or crackers or, ok, fine, with a spoon. 
But only that once.

I'm putting this on Pinterest as an experiment to see how many people will actually repin and click through on a picture of Ridiculously Easy and Delicious Cucumber Dip (and/or Spread) and actually read this junk.

It really is good, y'all. 

You're welcome. 



  1. Southern, too!

  2. Well, I read it, and I hope to try it out real soon!


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