Thursday, March 8

A Must-Read on International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day.

There are so many, innumerable, women who have made me the woman I am today. But today, I am thinking of two Someday Women.

My husband and I are trying to raise two girls who will be Women Someday. With hope and fervent prayers, they will be secure, smart, generous, thoughtful, kind, ferocious, gentle, poised, adventurous, bold, beautiful, conscious, compassionate Women, Someday.

For now, they are girls.
Capable of Anything Girls.
Ready for the World Girls.
Unafraid of Life and The Mirror Girls.
Uninhibited Dancing Girls.
And I don't know how to keep them that way, but I hope they stay a few more years.

If you are raising Girls, tending to Someday Women, or if you are growing Someday Men who will someday love and protect and serve and cherish Someday Women, please read the post I'm linking below. (It has saltier language than I use here at  cmB {or, ok, at all}, but the message is a powerful one.)

"Because it’s coming. Everyone knows it’s coming and that it can’t be avoided. Sure, we can (and will) support and bolster her sense of self with worthier props: her intelligence, her integrity, her sense of humor, the mere stunning fact that she’s a girl in the world. And that’ll matter. It will; it really will. But it still won’t negate the fact that our culture is cocked and loaded with its finger itching to shoot her in the face."

Happy International Women's Day.


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