Monday, June 4

Electronic Overkill? {photographic evidence}

In a few days, I'm heading to sunny California with other Toyota TWIN members. We'll visit the Toyota corporate campus and learn about the Toyota shopping experience, the work they're doing to build and nurture customer relationships, visit the Toyota museum (did you know that was a thing?) and even get to Ride & Drive some of the newest models (car models, not, like, Naomi Campbell models)

All of this and more.... for a trip that will total less than 48 hours

And this was my original packing list:
-netbook charger
-DSLR charger
-Marco Fuego (known to people who don't live in my house as a Kindle Fire
-Kindle Fire charger
-Motorola Xyboard (on loan from Central Arkansas Verizon PR!)
-Xyboard charger
-BlackBerry charger
-extra BlackBerry (because my phone is bunk and won't charge so I have to switch batteries twice a day from an old BB. Lame, I know.)
-beloved but going-out-of-bidness Flip cam
-iGo charger

The Still Life Electronic on Floral Spread

Then I remembered that I'm going to be carrying all of this electronica around three different, unfamiliar airports and can't afford to replace a single piece if any of it should be lost or stolen and also it's just going to be a pain to unpack all of it to go through security and I really don't need that hassle. 

I pared down a little. Actually, I pared down even more than this photo shows. I'm trusting the Xyboard to do most of what my darling netbook could do on such a short trip.  I'm forgoing the Flip, skipping the camera charger, and using my trusty iGo to charge both BlackBerrys, the Xyboard, and my boyfriend, Marco Fuego.

I know. I know. Nearly all of these problems would be solved if I would finally break down and buy one of these, which Audreya never tires of telling me is a phone for grown-ups:

Also, let's just never talk about how badly I draw arrows, ok? 


  1. Oh my goodness! Within the first 10 seconds of this post, I was thinking "Her Crapberry is on the blink?! Maybe she'll finally get an iPhone. Then she wouldn't need 90% of this stuff!!" but you totally beat me to the punch. So then, it's agreed. Get an iPhone.

  2. An iPhone will never replace a DSLR, for sure! =)

  3. Also: YAY TOYOTA (I love my Camry)


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