Friday, June 15

Fourth of July Fun at the Peabody Hotel {giveaway}

The Girl- July 4, 2007

The Girl and The Boy- July 4, 2008

Independence Day is a big deal in our family. Every year, six to ten smaller family units gather at my mother-in-laws house and coalesce into one ginormous wall of sound (and watermelon, and sparklers, and Washers). 

The Boy and A Cousin- July 4, 2009

The Baby- July 4, 2010.  

The Boy- July 4, 2010

It was a tradition that began long before I joined the fam and, if we do things right, it will continue long after the little ones have little ones of their own.

The Baby- July 4, 2011

The Girl- July 4, 2011

But this year, we are taking a brief leave of absence from the annual July Fourth festivities in our town. 
We're heading to Little Rock, to the biggest fireworks display our kids have yet to see. 

We're going downtown to a rooftop for a first-ever family event: The Peabody Hotel is hosting a cookout and fireworks-watching party!

Each ticket to the Rockets from the Roof event include valet parking (valet parking! in downtown Little Rock!), a full meal (with dessert!), private roof-top space for optimal fireworks-viewing, face painting (for the kids, or, possibly for the adults who've visited the cash bar), balloon animals, and more fun stuff. The Peabody will also pipe the live music in from Pops on the River

The best part, y'all? I get to give away a family four-pack of VIP tickets! VIP means you're awesome, but it also means you get all the fun that evening PLUS the very best seats on the roof when it's time for the bright night show. 

The Duckmaster and Friends

You want in? 
Leave a comment here, or on chasing my Bees' facebook page over the weekend, sharing your favorite Independence Day memory. On Tuesday, I'll announce the winner and you'll be heading to dine with the Bees and the ducks!



  1. homemade ice cream, burgers and fireworks detonated in our backyard by my pyromaniac hubby. Would be nice to change it up a bit this year!

  2. We used to spend the day at my sister's house cooking out and swimming. We could hear the "Pops in the Park" from her house and see the fireworks. Many year later.... she has moved, I have moved. I miss the celebration. As a professional photographer, I learned how to shoot fireworks the right way years ago but haven't been to a fireworks display since. I'd love a view of the fireworks like this... and of the families watching. Sounds like a fun evening!

  3. When I was younger my Dad would walk my sister and I to see the fireworks. We used to live in the Heights and we would grab blankets, bug spray, and water bottles. We would head through the dusk onto the Country Club's Golf Course and walk amongst the hills and sand traps until we found a perfect spot. We would then lay out the blanket and lay down and have the best view of the fireworks ever! My sister and I used to get so excited about going with Dad. It was like a new adventure every year. One year, we even took a boom-box. When the firework show was over we would go home and have crazy ice-cream with all the toppings with Mom.

    I guess I'm too old to be excited by going on a firework adventure, but I know my family would love to try a new tradition.

  4. Fourth of July is all about family. My husband's parents live in the country. Every year we gather up our three children and head out to meet up with a huge gathering of aunts, uncles, cousins-and I mean lots of cousins-to celebrate. Hot dogs and marshmallows over the Bon fire, ice chests full and bag chairs out-we listen to music and watch the kids dance in the colored smoke and try to chase parachute men firecrackers. When the sun goes down we gather up all of bigger fire works and have our own show. Growing up in the city myself, this is a very different way of celebration for my children. But as I look around at the plethora of pick up trucks gathered with their tail gates down and kids doing sparklers (making me a nervous wreck ;-). I only see one thing- Tradition!!

  5. Congrats, Rebecca! Please email me at SavannahB at chasingmybees dot com, you've won!


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