Tuesday, July 31

He's a Camry Man

It's no secret to those closest to my husband that he is a meticulous person. He is organized and efficient, and he takes great care in his appearance and the appearance of his hearth and home... and car. (In short- he's my polar opposite. Lucky we attracted each other, huh?)
When I asked him to write a little something about his Camry, I had no idea how deeply connected his is to his car. Now I wish he'd write love notes about me this way....


Like a glove...
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When you play sports, namely baseball, you play with a worn, well used,
oiled, trustworthy glove.  A new glove is nice but it has to be formed
and fitted to the user before it really takes on the characteristics of
the player.

So goes it with one's Toyota Camry.

When I got my first Toyota Camry, I was a young husband and a young
father of two priceless gifts.  Due to this eye-opening experience, I
needed a new vehicle- one that was suitable to carry my precious cargo.
I had a moment of silence with my truck (ok, I did name her), after
all, it was my first-ever post-parents purchase.  
I started the dreadful car-shopping, dealership-dealing, and gut-wrenching hunt for the perfect family vehicle.  At every dealership I went to, I would slowly drive the lines of vehicles looking at each one carefully as if I were a Marine Officer inspecting his command for the first time.  I was all the while
keeping in mind the safety of my little "troops," and looking for style too.  
I had never owned a Toyota, but from talking to other fathers and friends I had heard of the safety (check), the affordability (check- diapers are not cheap), and the durability (double check, the baby has to drive something in 16 years) of this brand.
After what seemed like two years of grueling torture (reality- 5 days), I
came across a stylish, safe, and affordable vehicle that I could see
myself driving (with two car seats of course).  It was a charcoal gray
Toyota Camry with room in the back to keep little legs from kicking my

After running it by my wife (her approval is essential) we took the plunge and bought our first family car. 

I admit, at first I was quite up-tight about having no sippy cups, and no gold fish in the car (let's be honest though- if you have kids, you have no rules like that if you want to drive more than 2 miles).  The Camry handled nicely and was comfortable, and like my baseball glove, it started to take on the characteristic of the player(s).  
The spills in the car marked the various road trips and could be laughed about by the "do you remember that" conversations.  The outside faired about the same... teaching young ones to ride bikes in the drive way is probably not the best idea.  The dings and stains add character to my Camry.  

My Camry is uniquely adapted to fit me- a father.  It is a worn, well used, oiled, trustworthy car that fits me like a glove.
When the time is right, I will pass her (ok, I named this one too) on and start the (this time short, because I know which Toyota I will get) car buying experience. And next time it will be new glove, but "old hat".

Jeremy Butler is a husband to a fabulous lady (who didn't laugh at his
no-goldfish-no-sippy-cup rule, even though she knew better), and father to three wonderful messy (wouldn't-have-it-any-other-way) children.  He is a
former Marine and baseball player (now its church softball!).  He
commutes 40 minutes each way in his well worn (glove) Toyota Camry,
which fits him just fine.

photo courtesy of Toyota 


{ ed note: I found a very cool app from Toyota: the Camry Commute. You can log your daily commute, track your points, and win prizes like $500 gas cards, movie tickets, Pandora radio subscriptions and more! And you don't even have to own a Camry to use the app. You're just a whole lot cooler if you do rock the Cam. :) }

Disclosure: I was selected for participation in the TWIN community through a program with Clever Girls Collective. I did not receive any compensation for writing this post, or payment in exchange for participating. The opinions expressed herein are mine, and do not reflect the views of the Toyota.

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  1. Wow! I'd but a Camry! Good writing style, dude!


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