Friday, January 11

Busted, Not Broken

Eight days ago, I was chasing down a burglar through the deep woods on a dark night. I almost got him, but then the horror movie thing happened- I fell and twisted my ankle. Luckily, the burglar got eaten by a bear and I recovered the stolen treasure, so the sprained ankle and strained ligaments were worth it.

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Ok. Fine. I was taking off my pajamas and my foot rolled over on itself. I heard two terrible POPs, and I nearly threw up, it hurt so bad.

And then I took some more Benadryl to fight the terrible sinus infection I'd been harboring since New Year's Eve.

And then I had to leave the house for six hours while various realtors brought various strangers to traipse through my home in hopes that one or two of them might want to buy it.

And then, at the end of the day, my ankle was nowhere to be seen.
And that makes it look pretty.

So, after a trip to our friendly neighborhood x-ray machine the next morning, I was told that my foot was busted, but not broken. 

"Why, that's a great title for a blog post."

It's a great way to describe my poor, neglected blog, too. I mean, I haven't posted since October. Of last year. I've had a lot to say, I've just... lacked the will to say it. I know. Pitiful. Shameful. Lazy. 

So, with all this new time on my foot hands, and this new year stretching ahead of me, I'm hoping my sweet lil site is busted, but not broken. 

Just hangin' out over on Instagram, wearing my fancy boot



  1. I've been wondering what happened to the Bee Keeper!! Let me know when you're back in full Blogging mode.... I'm in need of a guest poster :)

  2. Wow! Not since last October!?
    Your toenails are pretty, though.


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