Monday, May 13

Netgalley Reader Wellness Challenge Accepted

Listen. You see that badge up there? The one that says "Professional Reader"? It's from NetGalley.

And I loooooove me some NetGalley.

It's a fantastic tool book publishers use to get digital copies of soon-to-be-published books in the hands of reviewers, journalists, book store owners and librarians.

I'm a little obsessed.

But, I'm also a little bit terrible at actually leaving the reviews. Now, I'll star a book up over on Goodreads, but I am less than stellar when it comes to sitting down and writing out how much I loved (or loathed, or was ambivalent about) a book.

So when I got the email about the NetGalley Reader Wellness Challenge, I hopped right on board that reading train and took the pledge. The pledge to update my profile. The pledge to read and review more books this year. The pledge to give back to the publishing and writing community some of the awesome that they give to me.

Stick around here, or check out my (woefully neglected) bookish blog- SeeSavRead.
It's about to get reeeeeal review-y up in here.