Tuesday, November 24

IDO3D- The Bees Try Out This Cool New 3D Pen!

When IDO3D hired me (and the Bees!) to try their new 3D writing pen, I jumped at the chance!
I love any screen-free opportunity for my kids to stretch their imaginations and use their noggins to come up with cool new creations.

IDO3D + the Bees!
We were stoked to open the IDO3D box over Thanksgiving break- it turned out to be a great, easy craft for kids. The box says it's for ages 8 and up, but my almost-7-year-old loved the pens, and was able to follow the super easy instructions.

Our kit came with FIVE liquid ink dispenser pens & tips, the curing spotlight, two accessory shapes, idea guidebook, and clear plastic mat. (Adorable nine-year-old not included.)

We really liked doing some of the ideas in the guidebook, as well as coming up with our own projects. 

Each of the Bees (ages 11, 9, 6) had fun with the IDO3D pens, and here a a few tips we came up with to help make the most of  this fun experiment for kids:

1. Make sure to put three AAA batteries in the spotlight *before* the kids are around- which will cut down on their CAN I PLAY YET ARE YOU DONE IS IT MY TURN hollering. :)

2. Hold the spotlight as close to the ink as possible without touching the ink. It's also a good idea to shine the light onto the mat's underside- the bottom of the project. It doesn't take very long at all for the ink to dry and harden, but make sure it's fully dry before pulling it off the clear plastic mat. 

3. The tip of the pen can be adjusted to create thick or thinner lines.

4. The ink and the projects we made weren't very messy- even for my DestructoGirl who makes a mess out of everything! We did find that alcohol-based hand sanitizers helpped to easily remove any sticky residue left behind by the ink.

Really, one of the few drawbacks we came across was the threat that the ink in the pens would run out before the Bees' project ideas do!

The IDO3D pens are a great starter-pen for kids who are interested in 3D drawing & printing!

Find the box we got here, and lots of other cool IDO3D kits right here!

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