Books & Bees

Books are the bees
which carry the quickening pollen
from one to another mind.
~James Russell Lowell

Books have always been important in my life. They are an escape, an adventure, a safe haven. They tug at my heart and hold a mirror up to my life. When I was young my mother would be furious when I wouldn't answer her; until she realized it was because when I read, I went deaf. My husband still struggles with this concept.
Books take full control- I move into their world and don't leave for weeks, months even, after I put them down... sometimes I stay forever.

I am already starting to see the seeds I've planted in my children's hearts and heads start to sprout. My son has inherited my selective hearing- he literally cannot pay attention to the rest of the world while he's reading a good book. My middle child makes up wild, imaginative stories for the pictures in the books she is learning to read. Even the baby will read the same book over and over, Patting the Bunny, saying Goodnight to the Moon, knowing in her heart she is as Quick as a Cricket.

This page will be a place to chronicle our literary journeys.

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