Me and my Bees

Hi, y'all! My name is Savannah, and I'm the resident Bee keeper.

I have three Bees that fill up my hive:

The oldest Bee is The Boy.
The middle Bee is my Ladybug, also known as The Girl.
The smallest Bee is The Bunny (yes, she is a Bunny and a Bee), also known as The Baby.
We like to get creative with our nicknames around here. Sometimes we even refer to them as B1, B2, and B3. Like I said, we go all out in the nickname department.

All of our Bees' actual names start with the letter B. We didn't exactly name them alike on purpose, but that's another story. 

Anyway, that's how the blog got its title: I'm quite literally chasing my Bees around every day, hoping to catch some of the sweetness that drips off of them (and to avoid all other drippings).

I'm also married to a B, although, technically he's a JB.

He's also much more handsome and smiley in real life. But, JB is a former Marine. And Marines don't smile.
We've been married for half of a decade six whole years, and he has yet to grow weary of me. I think that simple fact is one of his best qualities. That, and he makes a mean cheese dip.  

I grew up in Hot Springs, Arkansas and now live eighty miles up the road in a town some people know as Toad Suck. Which is far better than Booger Hollow. Trust me.

By some great stroke of blessedness, I've been the staying-at-home kind of mom since December of 2006. I also write for Little Rock Family Magazine. And I'm on the twitters. And I'm the President of the Board of the prestigious Southern Girl Academy (a blog my friend Kerri and I launched in January 2011). I'm also working on writing anywhere between one and three books at any given time.
It appears I'm a very busy gal.

My life is grand and small and exhausting and wonderful.

My kids are the funniest small people on the planet and they keep me constantly entertained. My husband possesses the superhuman ability to laugh at all of my jokes. To repay them for all their goodness, I blog about them.

I'd keep a journal, but it would be hard to find under the pile of laundry that has overtaken our house. What? I said I was busy!